New Hire Orientation Program

Do you hire employees who require any level of safety training prior to preforming work for you? If so your company could be saving productive time and money while decreasing liability AND promoting a culture of safety. This is all possible with the New Hire Orientation Program from Safety Plus Inc. 


How Does It Work?

We tailor a safety orientation video and post-test to fit your needs. You can hire safe workers every time.

You will save money, promote a culture of safety, decrease liability, and save your managers' time. 


You Can Save Productive Time

Why spend a new employee AND a manager's time in a training room?

At the moment, providing safety training means paying at least two employees to stop performing their normal duties and spend hours in a room together. Are your managers even qualified to provide that training? Every time you use the New Hire Orientation Program you are gaining an immediate return on your investment. New employees come to work with the training they need, and you do not have to pay managers and supervisors to perform non-productive work.

You Can Decrease Liability

Never Risk Putting Untrained Employees to Work 

Has your company ever hired a new employee, put that employee on the job, and waited to provide safety training until the next group session? This happens all of the time, all around the country, because it is difficult and very costly to provide one-off training to employees the day that they start work. 

But what if that new employee has an accident before receiving the proper safety training? The entire business can be put at risk by OSHA or worse... lawsuits. But with the New Hire Orientation Program, you know that every employee comes to your company armed with the safety training they need!


"Pay as You Hire" Pricing

We make ROI simple: You only pay when applicants access the orientation. 

 Pricing is quoted at a "per access" rate; you only pay the fee when a job applicant uses the training and test that have been set up for you. You can choose to use only the standard "Core Course" for $85 per access or add your own content, additional courses from our training library, or a combination of both for an addtional $15 per hour of course content.


Start-Up Fee and Optional Services

Our unique and extensive background in safety management, training, production, and technology allows us to help you get the most out of the program. A one-time fee of $150 is required to set up your company's private portal, video playlist, and post-test. 

Because so many companies want to include custom content that they do not already have, we have begun offering production services. Whether you need a message from your CEO or Safety Director, a video on company policies, a site-specific orientation, or any other type of video, we can work with your to produce the material you need.  

  •  Pricing is based on the scope of work being done. Quotes are given individually.
  •  $125 per hour is the base rate for non-camera services.
  •  Camera shoots using up to 3 cameras are possible. Multi-camera shoots are great for industrial site-specific orientations.
  •  If you are interested in custom production, please let our representatives know.