You Decide to Save Time and Money While Reducing Liability
Go with the SafetyPlus Inc. New Hire Orientation Program!

  • No longer risk putting untrained employees to work. Protect your business from OSHA and lawsuits while doing the right thing- keeping your workforce safe. 
  • Stop wasting productive man hours on safety training. Let managers and supervisors do what they do best- run the business. 
  • No locked in contracts- only pay for training your new hires and applicants receive, and don't hire applicants who cannot pass basic safety orientation. 
  • For as little as $85 per trainee, the New Hire Orientation Program is the best insurance policy you can buy. 

We Tailor the Orientation Program for Your Company
Tell us what you need, and we will customize the program!

  • Build on our basic core orientation to tailor the training program to meet your specific company needs.  
  • We produce an orientation video (usually about 2 hours long) based on the segments you choose. 
  • Applicants and new hires must pass an exam after watching the video with at least 80% accuracy. 
  • Applicants and new hires can complete the orientation online or in our training lab.

Start Sending Applicants and New Hires to Us
You send trainees, we let you know how they did!

  • After the orientation program has been configured we are ready to go! Send applicants and new hires to our training center or have them complete the training online. We will inform you of the results of every trainee's post test, and you can rest assured that your workforce is properly trained on day one. 

Start Saving Time and Money!

You can send new hires and applicants to SafetyPlus for screening for as low as $85 per trainee!